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Providing innovative solutions to our clients’ needs since 1993.

Our team of highly accomplished, and experienced attorneys offer global perspectives and innovative solutions to our clients’ most complex interests where they matter most—in the courtroom, boardroom, or community. We have successfully represented a dynamic range of clients, from prominent individuals, to government entities, and Fortune 100 companies in the United States and abroad.

Our global practice is informed by our understanding of emerging markets, particularly in Africa. Put simply, we are positioned to guide our clients through the unique multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional challenges that they may face.

“Founded in 1993, White & Wiggins, LLP is the oldest minority-owned law firm in Texas. Our alumni include many prominent judges (including current district and appellate justices) as well as dozens of successful law partners, general counsel and public officials.”

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White & Wiggins, LLP is a boutique multidisciplinary law firm that provides legal advice to prominent individuals, government entities, and Fortune 100 companies.

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